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DFW AHEC coordinators provide information which help the underserved enter and remain in health care. Some resources are listed for you below.

H.O.T. Jobs
One of the best resources to find out about all the health career opportunities in Texas is H.O.T. Jobs. The catalog and companion website contain information on over 80 careers, including what you can expect to earn within each profession and what qualifications are needed to pursue particular careers. More importantly, H.O.T. Jobs lists the colleges and universities which offer degree programs for these careers. Some additional elements of H.O.T. Jobs include tools to help students discover which career is right for them, how to prepare for professional programs, and information on how to get started. H.O.T. Jobs is online at www.texashotjobs.org, or in a printed version which can be obtained from the DFW AHEC office (see map). To Order the Brand New 4th Edition H.O.T. Jobs Guides, click here.

Downloadable Resources
Pathways to a Career in Nursing Chart
Pathways to a Career as a Physician
DFW Area Schools Offering Health Profession Programs

Need More Help?
For more information on health careers, contact our office and ask to speak with one of our coordinators.

Links For Additional Information On Health Careers
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Discover Nursing
Discover Health Careers
Nurse Source
Texas Workforce Commission - Career Planning & Trends
Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service

Financial Aid
Did you know there are thousands of dollars worth of scholarships which go unclaimed every year?  AHECs are the best places to learn about current scholarships, grants and stipend programs. That's what we do!
Scholarship Opportunities for New Americans and Minority Students
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This fun tool may help your students gain a better awareness of themselves and their possibilities.  Have them take this free online interest assessment survey which matches their interests with possible health careers.