DFW AHEC DFW Area Health Education Center

Listed below are the five main program areas of DFW AHEC:

Health Careers Promotion
Activities that attract under-represented and disadvantaged individuals and prepare them for
health professional education programs through career awareness activities, such as:

• Presentation and Distribution of H.O.T. Jobs materials
• Class Presentations on Health Careers
• Health Fairs & Career Fairs 

Community Based Education
AHEC is instrumental in establishing and maintaining community-based training for health profession students
with an emphasis on primary care and underserved populations. We carry out this mission by:

• Coordinating education training sites throughout DFW for students needing pediatric ambulatory clerkships and ambulatory community selectives.
• Facilitating multi-cultural events that provide learning experiences for health profession students. 

Practice Entry & Support
Another important role AHEC performs is the establishment and support of programs which recruit and retain health professionals in underserved populations. In the DFW metroplex our efforts are focused on the urban areas where health care shortages are prominent.

• AHEC assists medically underserved communities recruit and retain health providers.
• AHEC helps provide access to continuing education opportunities for health professionals. 

Health Literacy
Fostering healthy behavior development in individuals, groups and communities.

• AHEC acts as a resource for the community to access Spanish Language health education materials.
• Assistance in the development and delivery of health education programs. 

Community Health Systems
AHEC facilitates community evaluation, discussion and decision-making processes addressing access to primary health care by providing:

• Assistance with community assessments, and
• Assistance in planning optimized local and regional assets which contribute to the better delivery of health care.